Friday, June 19, 2015

Door Owl by Dianna

Hi Everyone,  Dianna here with a new Gina's Designs product, a Door Owl!

The owl is 14-1/2 by 11-1/2 not counting the branch, so she is on the large size.  She comes dark brown wood which I spray painted white.  Note:  do not let the guys who work with you stack the damp pieces of wood together (they were trying to be helpful :)  that is what caused the dark splotches).

I then painted the Emma the Owl, (yes I named her) with a teal glitter spray and papered the wings with a checked pattern paper from Joann's.  I used a coordinating a striped paper on the "B".  The B is for our last name.  Not liking the lack of depth from the glitter paint, I then added low lights and highlights with Stickles.  I also used a white paint pen to cover the dark marks from the earlier mentioned stacking of damp pieces.

Then I punched out 60 -  3/4 inch circle and 60 - 1 inch circles from 4 coordinating papers.  I did this while watching TV.   It does not seem that much from the photo but believe me when I say that it took a while.    

I glued the wings on first with Beacons 3 in 1 because I am hanging this on my door and want it to hold up to the slamming of the door that my 16 sons does when he leaves.  He simply does not understand how to close a door without slamming.  I distressed each circle with ink, then proceeded to glue all of the circles using the wings as a marker.  

And I glued.

Finally!  finished gluing those circles!.

I used burlap for the nose and branch and distressed the edges.  The eyes are 1-1/4 inch circle punch with a 3/4 inch circle punch out of brown.  The leaves are coordinating green paper.  Burlap twine was used to hang Emma the Owl.  

Items Used
Gina's Designs
Door Owl Coming Soon!

Other Items
Open Stock Paper from Joann's

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