Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Square Shrine Shadowbox by Dianna's Crafts

Hi Everyone, Dianna here with my last Holiday Season post for 2015.  I used a new 2016 product from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts -  a Square Shrine Shadowbox and use Graphic 45's - A Christmas Carol to create a winter wonderland in a box. 

First I dry assembled Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts- Square Shrine Shadowbox (coming soon in 2016), then I painted it with white gesso.  I wanted a semi-covered look so a streaking effect is what you want.  I used white and diamond Stickles all over the outside of the box.  Then I fussy cut Graphic 45's -  A Christmas Carol (8x8 pad).    I cut up two sheets of the title page so that I would be able to create a pop up affect.  

I used old sheet music for the back ground and tore up on of the snowing pages from Graphic 45.  I then used drop off from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts chipboard to layer the church and houses.  I then used a snow pen for the roofs.  After the snow dried, I used Stickles on the snow.  You cannot see it but the sleigh is actually only half of a sleigh on the paper but I hid that with the carolers being the highest pop up.  I used a highlighting pen on all of the paper.  I fussy cut the flowers, tag and postcard from Graphic 45's - A Christmas Carol 8x8 pad.  A bit of scrap string finished the tag.  

Thank you for looking.

Items Used
Postage Stamp Box (coming soon)
if you want it sooner email at:

Other Items
Graphic 45

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Baby Boy Album by Dianna's Crafts

Hi Everyone, I have a baby boy mini album using an old Cheese-It box and Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

I started with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Baby Boy Clothesline Set.  I used paint markers in blue in green then after the paint dried I used Stickles to make it pop.  I then requested a special order from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts for the Baby Max.  I covered the Cheese It box with green paper, then I added the ribbon to close it.  After the ribbon, I then covered the green paper.  

I created the spine by cutting 4 x 6 inch strip then score it at one inch at both ends, a 3 x 6 inch strip then score that at one inch on both ends, finally a 2 x 6 inch strip, score at 1/2 inch on both ends.  Then I stacked all of the strips on top of each other and glued them.  I then cut the bottom and top of all of then ends at a angle so that the pages will glue in.  I punched out the scalloped circles and added the years to the top of the inserts which are 3 x 5.  

I then cut six pages at 8 x 6 and scored at the 4 inch part to create the fold to glue to the spine. I created the pocket by folding a 8 x 4 inch paper and gluing the pocket to the page.  I painted Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Precious Little One from the Words and Phrases 2 blue and used white Stickles.  

I created a water fall by using the scrap paper.  I then used the booties from the Baby Boy Clothesline Set and the Sweet Max from my special order and painted them blue.  After they dried I used white Stickles. 

The last thing that I did was create a tassel charm using blue and green beads.  The overalls and bib are the end pieces from the Clothesline.

Thank you for looking!

Items Used
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tea with Mrs Claus by Dianna's Crafts

Hi Everyone, Dianna here with two of my favorite things Christmas and Tea.  I think that Mrs. Claus does not get enough credit and needs a tea break with her friend. 

I started with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Miniature China Cabinet. I first dry assembled it then painted it Holly Green. I then cut two scrap strips of paper to line the shelves.   I then used tybek (from mailing envelopes) to attach the doors.  The flourishes are a special order from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, just email and ask for the flourishes on the miniature china cabinet.  The clock, teapot, cupcakes and tea cups are from a mold using air dry paper clay Delight from Creative Paper Clay.  The Delight air dry paper clay is super easy to use and sets up in a couple of hours. I used Copic markers on the molds.

The miniature table and chairs are coming soon to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts. I painted the table and chairs with white acrylic paint. I painted the top of the chairs and seat red. I then daubed Stickles all over the chairs prior to assembly.  I used a candy cane stripe scrap of paper for the top of the table.  The teapot and cookies are from the same mold and Delight air dry paper clay. 

I requested that Gina at Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts enlarge two of her Fashionistas so that I could use them as Mrs. Claus and her friend.  I painted the ladies with white acrylic and used Copic Markers on Mrs. Claus.  Mrs. Claus fur ruff is actually from a snow bottle and to make it sparkly I used Stickles.  Stickles was also used on her boots and hat.  Mrs. Claus's friend got scraps from the shelf liner and some green paper.  Copic Markers was used on her hat, face, hair and boots.  Nail art stones were used for her buttons and Stickles was used on her hat, gloves and boots. 

Thank you for looking!  

Items Used
Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts
Miniature Table and Chairs 

Other Items
Creative Paper Clay

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas by Dianna's Crafts

Hi Everyone, Dianna here with my first Holiday Project of the Season! Gypsy Soul's 3 Story House and Graphic 45's Twelve Day's of Christmas.  I decided to create all twelve days within the house. 

The house comes in 8 pieces. I suggest doing a dry run and pre-assembly prior to gluing or painting. I used white gesso, then papered and glued.  After papering, I then used gesso again to create an aged appearance. 

I decided to used the top floor to house the live stock.  I fussy cut the out all the Graphic 45's Twelve Day's shapes. I used greenery and a nest to glue the shapes in place. 

I used gesso on the paper to age the paper.  I placed Gypsy Soul Chandelier on the back wall after I painted it white and used gold stickles.  The piper is standing on a drum from an old Christmas sprig.  Small scrap chipboard pieces were used to help the lords leap and ladies dance.  I used gold beads to add light to the inside of the house. 

I hinged the twelve days and the swan with scrap chipboard so that they would stand up on their own. The Gypsy Soul frame was fussy cut out of the collage frame birds and ivy,  painted gold and gold stickles was used to create bling. I placed greenery and glued the milking maid. I fussy cut the calling birds and turtle doves. 

I fussy cut out the large twelve days of Christmas to place on the back of the house.  I fussy cut Collage Frame Birds & Ivy frame out and glued one of the calling birds to create a picture. 

I used a  1 inch punch and punch a lot of circles using kraft paper and Graphic 45's "My turtle dove". I scored the circle at 1/4 and then scored at two angles. I then glued the 1/4 angle to the roof.  After, I glued all of those circles and used gesso to created snow.  

Thank you for looking!

Items Used

Other Items